-- by Sheree Silver, Ph.d.

The belief in past lives is centuries old. Most people's past lives are not glamorous. We were street cleaners, prostitutes, murderers, robbers, as well as healers, carpenters, mothers, fathers, priests, nuns, witches, etc.

Accessing Memories from Past Lives

With the use of hypnosis, it is possible to access these memories from the subconscious mind, where all the information is stored from this life and past lives. Memories come in different ways. Some people see their past lives, others feel what is happening, and some hear someone talking to them. These memories can also be accessed through dreams and deep mediation.

Therapy of Past Life Regression

There are times past lives can be very therapeutic, especially when someone has a deep fear, for example, of water and there is no logical explanation for their fear in this lifetime. A past life regression will usually show the reason for the fear. By reliving or re-experiencing the past life, the person is able to understand the origin of their fear and let it go with some positive hypnotic suggestions. With this method of healing, you can rid yourself of chronic lifelong symptoms, recurrent nightmares, obesity, repeated negative relationships, physical pain, illness, etc.

One client who came to me was afraid of heights and of driving over bridges. When I regressed him into a past life, he was standing on a mountain. I told him to go forward in that lifetime and he described himself as losing his footing on the rock and falling to his death. He had brought that experience with him as a fear of heights.

Another woman came because she was afraid of a man in her life. He was being very nice to her in this lifetime and there seemed to be no logical reason for her fear of him. We did a past life regression and she described a life where her husband was very abusive physically to her. It was this same man. He had probably come back this time to heal the karma.

So as you can see, past life regressions are very valuable and a wonderful part of healing and achieving wholeness.

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